Pictures and Videos of this Litter: 

Sturgis’s Puppies are here!  We have: 2YF, 2YM, 1BM, 4 BF.  We do still have some spots available, so please dont hesitate to call.  The puppies are all healthy and happy at the moment.  Born 4/28.  Pick-up Date:  6/20/2015

Pricing on this Litter


Black Male: $1250.00

Black Female: $1250.00

Yellow Male: $1250.00

Yellow Female: $1500.00


Details of this Litter

This litter will be born in Late April  and should be ready to go home in early June.  The litter will be all yellow and black. — We are Currently Taking Deposits!

Bear and Sturgis  is an exceptional breeding that will produce loads of point, desire, and high energy.  These dogs should be 60-80# once fully developed.  I would like to note here that we bred bear to Sturgis’s mother many times and ended up with excellent dogs.  I really look forward to seeing what this litter will produce.


  • The scheduled pick-up weekend for this litter will be the first Saturday after the puppies turn 7 weeks of age. It will be posted shortly after the pups are born
  • Please Mark it on your calendar.
  • If you are unable to be at the kennel for the scheduled pick-up alternative arrangements will need to be made prior to the pick-up date.
  • As per FAA regulations all puppies shipped via Delta Airlines can leave the kennel after (the 8 week old date)

Learn More About Bear

4XGMPR HRCH Clouds Bold Bear Of Nereus SH

Bear’s Temperament: > Super ON/OFF Switch! He has it BIG TIME! He is a gentle, calm, fun loving soul at home, but a fierce warrior in the field (training or hunting). > Very friendly/loving personality! He does not have a mean bone in his body – he has never been in a dog fight! > Extreme Desire to Please! Off the charts! He always tries to figure out what you want!

Trainability: > Unbelievable trainability! Most things he has gotten on the first or second attempt. He was trained to be steady to wing and shot on one single bird! After that training day, he skipped the Advanced pointing test and went straight to Master.

Looks / Confirmation: > Stunningly handsome boy! Always gets compliments from those who see him! > He weighs right at the lab standard of 80 lbs. > He is tall and rangey… great for covering ground in the upland field in a hurry.

Athleticism and Stamina: > Very strong and atheletic! > He can run and hunt all day (not just an hour or two) and for multiple days in a row. We routinely go on 3 or 4 consequetive day hunts, sun up to sun down and he never, ever quits! > Bear is run 3 miles 3 days per week next to me on my mountain bike

Heart: > He has a GIANT HEART! > He never, ever quits on anything!

Health: > He is super healthy and genetically free of any carrier genes for any known lab disease > EIC Clear > CNM Clear > PRA Clear > RD/OSD Clear > OFA Excellent Hips > OFA Normal Elbows > Normal Eye Cerf > Normal Cardiac Test

Learn More About Sturgis


Sturgis the pointing lab is a super talented dog that has as nice of a point as you could ever ask for.  She is the daugther of CPR HPK’s Stormy and has more drive in her 60 pound body than most dogs twice her size.  Sturgis’s mother Stormy is the dog that people request to hunt over while at R&R Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota and we expect no less from her daughter.  Sturgis’s father is our own GMPR HPK’s Mr. Bo Jangles.  Bo is an exceptional dog in his own right and his endless energy and desire to find every bird in the county make him one of the most popular dogs to hunt behind at the kennel.

Sturgis, like her parents has a rock solid point that will even make the most die hard “pointer” person smile.

Bear's AKC Pedigree (with titles)-HRCH (8Aug11)-Send