Pictures and Videos of this litter:

Pictures of the puppies will be available as soon as the pups are born in December.

Pricing on this Litter:

Choc. Male: $1250.00

Choc. Female: $1500.00


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This litter will be yellow.  It will produce several “Fox Red” labs.

Unique Fact

The “fox red” color phase of labs is recognized by the AKC as yellow, despite its deep red color.  Yellow labs range from white to fox red.


Males will be between 65 and 80 lbs.
Females will be between 55 and 70 lbs.

Details on this Litter

This litter will be born between  around Christmas 2016.  The puppies will be fox red in color.  The dogs will be compact, stocky, and strong.  We look forward to great things from this litter, as it is a repeat of a very successful breeding.

  • The scheduled pick-up weekend for the puppies will 8 weeks after the puppies are born.  We look forward to seeing you all.
  • Please Mark it on your calendar.
  • If you are unable to be at the kennel for the scheduled pick-up alternative  arrangements will need to be made prior to the pick-up date.
  • As per FAA regulations all puppies shipped via Delta Airlines can leave the kennel after the 8 week old date.
Learn More about Capone

Capone achieved his 4XGMPR title this fall (2015).  He is doing his heritage proud as he comes from a long line of APLA greats including several APLA Hall of Fame dogs.

Field Trial pedigree highlights

FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime MH (Hall of Fame)
FC AFC Blackwater Bart II
FC Red Oak Casey
NAFC-FC The Little Duke Of Fargo

APLA pedigree highlights

GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corkey (Hall of Fame)
MPR Brooks Golden Nugget (HAll of Fame Nominee)
GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH (Hall of Fame)
GMPR Sir Hershey or Surrey (Hall of Fame)
4XGMPR HRCH HRK’s Rooster Smasher MH QAA
GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub SH
2xGMPR Eli’s Blackjack Tori SH
GMPR Blackwater Lexus
GMPR Sirs Mighty Eli SH

Capone will be siring litters for Hunters Point Kennel through out the year and is available for stud to approved bitches. Capone is located in Marshalltown, IA.

Should you need a reference about Capone please contact Mike Lettau at K&L Kennels as Mike is the person who did all of Capone’s training and handling in hunt tests: or Mike’s cell phone: 816-616-5942

Learn More about Spring

Spring is the daugther of GMPR Pennels Jackson Duece SH and HPK’s Sweet cherry wine.  She is about 57 lbs of muscle and is simply a joy to be around.  Her deep “Fox Red” color makes her a real treat.

Spring was trained by Mike and John, down at K and L Kennels in Higginsville, MO.  She hunts really nicely in the upland field quartering came to her very naturally.  Spring is just like her father; she will hold a point for as long as she is required to.  Spring has a very sweet disposition when she is out of the field, and can often be found trying to steal crackers from Justin’s kids Braden and Elley.

Carrying on both Jack and Cherry’s blood lines is a priority for us here at HPK, and this breeding just seemed like a natural fit.  Her first two litters have found places as active hunting dogs and excellent service dogs.  We do know one thing though…she is an HPK dog through and through.