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Chocolate Male: $1250.00

Chocolate Female: $1800.00




Details on this Litter

The litter has been born.  We have 4CF and 4 CM.  Currently there is 1 CF and 1 CM available. 

Griz the pointing lab and Grace the pointing lab is a three-peat breeding should continue to produce all round great dogs.  This litter will be be all chocolate with blocky heads and all round good looks.  Grace and Griz both live in a house with a family, where they do an excellent job at being family companions.  However the both have a VERY distinction switch allowing them to perform well in the field and hunt test circuit.

  • The scheduled pick-up weekend for the puppies will be May 30th 2015.  We look forward to seeing you all.
  • Please Mark it on your calendar.
  • If you are unable to be at the kennel for the scheduled pick-up alternative  arrangements will need to be made prior to the pick-up date.
  • As per FAA regulations all puppies shipped via Delta Airlines can leave the kennel after the 8 week old date.

Learn More About Griz

Griz the pointing lab is a record setting dog in the APLA by becoming the first 4X GMPR at less than 2 years of age.  At 23 months of age he broke the previous record of his half brother by over 6 months.  Griz also went 5/5 in AKC senior 1 year of age! Griz will compete for his AKC Master title in the spring of 2013.  I also ran Griz in his and my first shoot to retrieve event and finished a very respectable third (it would have been 2<sup>nd</sup> if I shot better).  This finish was  over 28 traditional pointing breed dogs in the pointing division.  The event was the Pheasants Forever National Quail Championship in Kansas City and put on by Bird Hunters United.  We plan to run more of these events next year!

Griz is one of those special dogs that has a huge motor in the field, but is very controllable and wants nothing more than to be a team player. Griz has an unbelievable demeanor for a dog with his power. He is truly a gentleman that is extremely intelligent &amp; confident, but doesn’t have a dominate bone in his body.  He is an excellent marking dog and is rock solid steady at the line.  Griz has been a natural pointing dog from day 1 and point’s way off birds.  He is extremely reliable and is allowed to run big in the CRP fields of South Dakota or comes in close for the heavy cover sloughs of Iowa.

Griz has a loaded pedigree including 6-Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, 7-Master Hunters, 8-Amateur Field Champions, 5-Field Champions,1-Qualified All Age, 1- 2xNational Amateur Field Champion, and 4- APLA Hall of Fame dogs!  Some of the biggest names in the Pointing lab world and the Field Trial world have come together to create a truly exceptional animal!

Learn More About Grace

Grace the pointing lab got her feet wet hunting pheasants in South Dakota before the age of one. She went from a puppy that didn’t know anything to the dog everyone at the lodge was talking about in one week. She may be small in size, but her desire to hunt and retrieve is huge. She has pointed and retrieved everything from Quail to Sharp-tail to Pheasant and that was in her first year of hunting!

Grace has a loaded pedigree including the likes of GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky, GMPR Cajun of Blackforest MH, GMPR Hershey, and GMPR Augies Cactus Jack just to name a few. She did very well passing her CPR test in Iowa (2009) under the amature training and handling of Nate Hamblin. Grace also has a spot guiding at a local preserve for hunters on quail, chucker, and pheasant. At the end of the day everyone is always asking about the little yellow dog with the big blocky head.

At home Grace is a fun loving dog that never misses an opportunity to go for a walk or bring you something to throw for her. She really loves going down to the pond and jumping in. Grace only knows one speed in the field or pond and that is full speed, but when she comes back home she flips a switch and becomes a calm fun loving family pet. Grace is a tri-factored dog who can throw all colors. Grace has a large blocky head and an athletic body with a thick furry tail.