Welcome Friends thanks for checking the site again.  Here in central Iowa, its hot!!  With heat indexes in the 100°F Range, the dogs are looking for move north and so are their humans.  🙂

I though that I would take the opportunity on this Monday afternoon to update you all on what we have available this week out of our current litters.  Please look over the following list and let us know if you have an questions about either the pups that are available — or the pups we will have upcoming.  Just as an FYI, I updated the video sliders on the litter pages as well today.  Man these pups sure are growing. 

As of Monday 7/10/2017:

  • Griz -X- Dutch — Sold out. 
  • Griz -X- Cabo — (1) Black Males, (1) Black Female, (2) Choc Females
  • Capone -X- Daisy — (1) Black Female, (1) Yellow Female
  • Capone -X- Copper — (1) Red Male, (1) Red Female