Our Intent and Purpose

In any type of business it is important to have a clear intent and purpose. Hunters Point Kennel is no different. Danny Allen and Byron Fagg summed up our intent and purpose in 1987 when they said:

Our intent is to produce the best possible hunting dogs and family companions.  

The best possible hunting dogs

What does that really mean? To us it means having a dog that is capable of retrieving ducks over you in the marsh at sunrise, and pointing those elusive roosters for you in the afternoon. A dog from our kennel will be equally at home in the grouse woods as it will in the goose fields. It is our goal to make Pointing labs that are extremely versitile and well rounded — these dogs are bred by hunters for hunters.

…and family companions.

There is no doubt in our mind that the role of a well bred pointing lab is that of a family companion as well as a hunting dog. We like dogs with an “off switch”, by that we mean dogs that are hunting machines in the field, and yet are calm and cool enough to mold themselves to your lives in the 8 months a year we don’t hunt.

Meet our Team

Justin  McGill – 812-216-4119 hunterspointkennel@gmail.com

I have been involved with hunting dogs, livestock, and hunting dog breeding since childhood. I grew up on a dairy farm in Northeast Iowa and aside from raising, breeding, and milking cattle, we also raised and bred Britney Spaniels (a breed of bird dog). Raising dogs and cattle have given me an excellent background to manage Hunters Point Kennel.

In my professional life, I have both a Bachelor’s Degree and Masters Degree in Agricultural Systems Technology from Iowa State University and Purdue University Respectively. Currently, I am a lecturer in the Department of Agriculural and BioSystems Engineering ath Iowa State University. It is a joy daily to interact with both my staff and my customers, and I carry this joy with me in every aspect of my life. Danny Allen made the statement “quality invested results in quality received” that was and still is Hunters Point Kennels philosophy.

Nate Hamblin nateandkelli@mchsi.com

Nate is the Senior Executive Vice President of our pro staff.  While finding time to be an APLA board member and work for a living —  Nate travels the Midwest every fall in pursuit of ducks, geese, pheasant, chucker, and quail.  You never know if Nate is going to be up in Canada after giant geese, in the Dakotas chasing pheasants & ducks, or down in Kansas locating a few coveys of Bobwhites.  He also guides clients on pheasant, quail, and chucker on a local preserve.  Nate has raised, trained, and hunted with various bird dogs all his life.  He got into pointing labs back in 1998 when he purchased his dog “Hunter” from Danny Allen and Hunters Point Kennel.  From that October day at a hunt test in Michigan when he picked up Hunter he has been training, hunting, and running hunt tests in various AKC and APLA events.  Nate handles some of our guiding requirements, conducts our in-house training and most importantly gets out and hunts the dogs!

Hunters Point Kennel Facility

The kennel grounds occupy approximately 7 acres. We have one bank of adult kennels that contain 14 runs that are each 5′ x 12′. The kennel floors are concrete and on a 5 degree slope that drains into a trough. The trough is connected to a 1000-gallon septic system. The runs are divided by chain link fencing, and each dog has its own house to relax and get out of the elements. This entire area is surrounded by a half acre fenced in exercise yard that we use to let the dogs run around in while we are cleaning.

The whelping areas are inside an insulated metal building with radiant floor heat. We currently have three concrete runs of 8′ x 16′ inside and 8′ x 8′ outside. The runs are concrete block up four feet and then chain link on top of that. This allows for privacy between the runs, but still allows air circulation. These runs are also connected to the septic system. The concrete slopes and troughs make for easy and thorough daily cleaning.

We have two large areas for training and exercising the dogs. The first is located on the property and includes CRP, live birds, and a creek. We also have 80 acres of private training ground 5 minutes away with large tracts of CRP, large training pond with an island, dikes, a fast running creek, brushy fingers of timber, and a wetland marsh. We use these areas for all aspects of our puppy “Jump Start” program as well as our HPK breeding stock training and exercise rotations to keep everyone in shape. This provides us an easy location on-site to do basic bird dog training and allows us to change up where we are working the dogs.