HPK’s Breeding Stock

Hunters Point Kennel currently owns, hunts, and breeds thirteen APLA Certified Pointers, one APLA Master Pointer Retriever, and one APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever. We also have several “up and comers” that are currently being trained and evaluated for acceptance into our program. These dogs represent the “best of the best” pointing lab bloodlines in the country.

This pattern of success represents a high standard of ability and temperament to be selected for our breeding program. We retain pups from our own litters and purchase outside pups when an opportunity arises for a dog that would be a good fit into our program. We start these pups and evaluate them for our breeding program, but they must be better than our current dogs to earn the right to be placed in our program.

We are dedicated to making a great breed of dog even better. We feel a responsibility to the breed that has brought us so much pleasure, and to the best interest of you our client.

The purchase of a hunting companion is a serious investment in training time, emotional attachment, and money. Accept nothing less than puppy with a proven pedigree from parents that are tested and have passed all of the required performance and health checks to give yourself the best odds at an outstanding and healthy future member of your family.