Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
Hips: OFA Excellent 
Eyes: CERF
Color: Yellow 
Size: 70 lbs 
Welped:  01 / 27 / 2015



Bailey (Bailey’s Cream of Bearpoint) is a Certified Pointing female who is simply a joy to be around and work with.  She is a larger female, tipping the scale near that 70 pound mark.  Her lineage is a nice blend of the western pointing lab lines — Coming from Taz and Fancy.  Spend some time studying those pedigree links, and it will give readers some insight as why we chose to keep this dog.  

She was trained by Mike and John down at K&L Kennels.  It is important to know here that John singled this dog out — calling me to say how nice she was to work with.  In his words, she hunts hard, loves to work, and I don’t ever have to ask her to do something twice.  It is this fact that really made me want to keep this dog in the breeding program.  After having been in this business for over a decade — it is rare that you find a dog that learns quickly and wants to please the handler.  This is a great quality to have if you are looking for your first dog — or wanting to train your first dog.  

Bailey has a really stylish point that is rock solid.  We will breed bailey with males that keep the puppies larger, and will help widen her out.  Look for pups soon — they are going to be good ones. 


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