Charlie and Daisy our pointing lab should produce a bigger dog with loads of drive and talent that we want to add to our program.  After some careful research, our quest led us to try a Charlie breeding with Daisy.  Charlie has been known to throw some pointing dogs, and his show quality good looks should make this one heck of a breeding.  These puppies were born on March 9th 2013.

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This litter was born on March 9th 2013.  There are two black males, three yellow males, and two black females.

Pricing on this Litter

Male: $1250.00

Female: $1250.00


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Cashman Kennels is a breeder of the all-around gun dog. With no exceptions Charlie fits their breeding program. He contributes an excellent balance of traits that avid hunters and trainers are searching for. With his natural hunting ability for waterfowl and upland game, trainability, and a first-rate temperament, he is a welcome addition to our Stud Dog Program.

Casman’s purchased Charlie at two years of age and began training him for hunt tests. He received his AKC Senior title and his International Championship Show Title the following year. He has been such a fun dog to work with; quite animated on line and always super charged to hunt and train. He hunts ducks, never hesitating to jump from the boat and brake ice in Minnesota’s late season hunts. He has also worked as a guide dog in South Dakota for pheasants, and hunted Canadian geese in Northern Canada. Hunting is Charlie’s passion.

Charlie has the beautiful, classic looks that most Labrador enthusiasts enjoy. With a female that compliments Charlie’s hunting instincts and conformation, it is possible that he will produce Dual-Purpose Labrador Retrievers that can compete in field tests and be of show quality.

Charlie has a must look presence about him, tons of personality, and great attitude for training, hunting, or just hanging out with the family. Whether he is upland or waterfowl hunting, Charlie enthusiastically gives his all. He is truly, a rare find and enhances our ability to offer diverse and talented all-around gun dogs.



Learn More About Daisy

Daisy is a Certified Pointing female sired by MPR Brock’s Golden Nugget and CP HPK’s Kirby.  Daisy is larger athletic dog — weighing in at 72 lbs, she is longer legged and broad across the chest.

She looks remarkably like her mother Kirby.  Daisy is one of those dogs that you cant help but love.  She has been lucky enough to spend the last two hunting seasons working full time at R&R Pheasant hunting so she knows how to get it done in the upland field.  She is fast, marks well, and quarters very crisply.  Daisy has a point that is rock solid and a hunting drive that simply does not quit.

Daisy loves nothing more than to leap into the water on here retrieves.  During one of her AKC JH tests the judge commented that he wished all dogs would jump into the water on there way to the retrieve as energetically as she does on her return with a duck!