Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF

Color: Yellow  Size: 58 lbs Whelped: 10/14/2007

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Grace got her feet wet hunting pheasants in South Dakota before the age of one.  She went from a puppy that didn’t know anything to the dog everyone at the lodge was talking about in one week.  She may be small in size, but her desire to hunt and retrieve is huge.  She has pointed and retrieved everything from Quail to Sharp-tail to Pheasant and that was in her first year of hunting!

Grace has a loaded pedigree including the likes of GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky, GMPR Cajun of Blackforest MH, GMPR Hershey, and GMPR Augies Cactus Jack just to name a few.  She did very well passing her CPR test in Iowa (2009) under the amature training and handling of Nate Hamblin.  Grace also has a spot guiding at a local preserve for hunters on quail, chucker, and pheasant.   At the end of the day everyone is always asking about the little yellow dog with the big blocky head.

At home Grace is a fun loving dog that never misses an opportunity to go for a walk or bring you something to throw for her.  She really loves going down to the pond and jumping in.  Grace only knows one speed in the field or pond and that is full speed, but when she comes back home she flips a switch and becomes a calm fun loving family pet.  Grace is a tri-factored dog who can throw all colors.  Grace has a large blocky head and an athletic body with a thick furry tail.