Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF

Color: Brown Size: 60 lbs Welped: 10/14/2007

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Sugar is 60 pounds of solid power and endless desire.  She will stop at nothing to bring back the retrieve, whether it’s a quail or a Canadian goose.  Sugar has a nice wide head and a powerful chest that she uses to propel herself into the water with style while going after a retrieve.  What makes Sugar special is that she has the ability to go from an intense hunter and retriever to a calm relaxed dog when the hunt is over.  Sugar has three generations of GMPR’s in her pedigree including Cajun of Black forest, Cashzingers Cattail Corkey, and Augies Cactus Jack.  Sugar is the total package in a Chocolate lab with great looks, solid proven pedigree and the performance to back it all up!