Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF

Color: Black Size: 70 lbs Welped: 12/15/2001

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Kirby is an extremely hard hunting athletic dog with long legs to cover the ground. She comes originally from Candlewoods bloodlines who are known throughout the labrador world. Kirby has spent the last 5 years hunting the South Dakota pheasant hunting season at R&R Pheasant Hunting. She is a tireless worker who has a staunch point and never misses a retrieve. (Kirby has retrieved birds for the likes of Toby Keith and the Governor of South Dakota.

Last year we were asked by R&R’s owner to breed him an entire litter of Kirby pups for him to train as lodge dogs for his pheasant hunting operation. The breeding with Nugget was so successful we decided to breed Kirby -x- Nugget again! If you want to see Kirby, her offspring (Daisy & Cooper), and the others in action sign up for our annual Hunter’s Point Kennel customer hunt at R&R this fall.

Both Kirby and her offspring carry with them a clam demeanor when they are “off duty” which allows them to be multi purpose dogs. They are just as home in the Duck Blind as they are the bird field. Kirby’s puppies make excellent family companions as well. We have several references that can attest to this fact.