Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF

Color: Black Size: 70 lbs Welped: 5/25/2009

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Maggie is one of our young females that we are really excited about.  Maggie has classic good looks with a wide head, solid muscular body, super thick fur, and an otter like tail.  She is a 70 pound hunting machine who never quits while in the field.  She is extremely trainable and was actually amateur trained to her title by a first time trainer.  Maggie got to spend her first hunting season in South Dakota learning the ropes from Stormy and Kirby at R&R.  She was able to find and retrieve more pheasants in that one season then most dogs do in their lifetime.  The awesome thing about Maggie’s personality is that she is able to really tune it down when back at home.   We really like what we see from her first round of puppies and expect great things from her in the future.  Maggie’s first litter of  pups are now 1 year old and showing a great amount of train-ability and desire that we look for with her great easy going personality when not training or hunting.


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