Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever

Hips: OFA Eyes: CER

Color: Yellow “Red” Size: 80 lbs Whelped: 11/27/2004

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Timber is the work horse guide dog of HPK.  He was our first dog that we bought from Byron and Danny back in 2005.  This dog has hunted everything in the upland field from bobwhite quail to wily South Dakota Roosters.  In the wetland area he as tackled mallards, snows & blues, and giant Canada geese!  He is a favorite guide dog of our friends at R and R Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota and was featured on Browning North America’s website in a Commercial for the Maxus Shotgun.   It can be found at this link (under video’s and pheasant hunting).

When Timber isn’t hunting he is a joy to be around — whether it is down at the kennel, or back at the house.  His favorite game is fetch and he always knows where the closest stick or ball is located whenever he has a chance to get someone to toss something.  He has very sleek athletic body with the trademark “Corky” wide head.  Come pheasant hunting with us sometime and witness this dog in action as he locks up stiff on any upland game.