Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CER

Color: Black Size: 65 lbs Welped: 08/20/2002

Elley is an athletic 65 lb black female. She holds the title of APLA Certified Pointer and is the daughter of APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever Corky and CP Schwar Point Air Raider (Tanner). Elly’s pedigree can also be traced back to GMPR Ricks Risky Raider MH. Elly is an energetic hunter/pointer that charges through the cover and rarely comes up for air.

To demonstrate what we think of Elly, HPK sold her as an eight week old pup to the operators of a hunting preserve in the Central U.S. Upon watching her work at this Hunting Preserve, and seeing her run in the APLA competitions, we decided that we should by her back!

Elly is a loving companion that presents herself for affection when not working.