Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF

Color: Black Size: 70 lbs Welped: 03/18/2012


Deva (HPK’s Devil Woman) is a Certified Pointing female sired by 4XGMPR HRCH Bearpoints Rosco MH and CPR HRK’s Tig’s Irish Cream Bailey.  For those of you who follow pedigree’s — enough said. For those of you who don’t — this is one of the best pointing lab pedigrees available in the country.  There are many titled dogs in her pedigree that you will see trace back to the earliest HPK bloodlines.

Deva has a pleasant look to her and is calm and easy going when off duty. She is an extremely fast dog that glides through the field. Deva packs a ton of retrieve into a medium sized package as she tops off at about 72 lbs.