Molly is a staunch little pointing dog that we have recently took on from Golden Oak Kennels in Bruce, SD. Her owner is Brad Lhotak and over the last couple of years we have developed a very nice working relationship with him. Brad helps us out on the training end of the business, having trained HPK dogs Daisy, Judy, Ice, Cali, and more recently Mac.

Molly is an awsome pointing chocolate dog that is primarily a working dog in the fall. In Brads own words ” Molly is one of the main upland dogs at Golden Oak Kennels. She is a pleasant dog to hunt behind and holds her own agains my two 4XGMPR’s. Molly is very good at digging out cripples.” This is an excellent breeding for the hunter who is also looking for a family companion.

Molly’s sire is APR Sexton’s Jock who has sired a litter for us in the past with CPR HPK’s Amazing Grace. Her Dam is Bearpoints Pointing Princess. The reason this is significant is that Princess’s mother is an HPK dog! (HPK’s Leaving on a Jet Plane) Basically what this points to is a very nice line breeding that is only slightly different than our traditional genetics.