This litter was born 6/20/2015! — We are currently have a couple of spots open for deposits!

This is a repeat breeding that has produced a high drive dog that will not quit.  We already have several dogs from previous litters achieve titles in several different hunt test games. If you like a spirited dogs who can hunt all day or compete at the highest levels in hunt test games — this is the litter for you. We  have three male pups as of 6/26/2015 (one yellow and two black).

These are some darn fine looking animals!  The older pictures are from a Bo and Stormy dog named Titan — what a pretty boy!

Male: $1250.00




  • The scheduled pick-up weekend for the puppies will be (8/15/2015).
  • Please Mark it on your calendar.
  • If you are unable to be at the kennel for the scheduled pick-up alternative arrangements will need to be made prior to the pick-up date.
  • As per FAA regulations all puppies shipped via Delta Airlines can leave the kennel after (the 8 week old date)

View Current Pictures and Videos of Past Litters

Bo and Stormy had 2 black and 4 yellow puppies in their last litter.  Please find these pictures as typical of what this pairing will produce. 

Bo and Stormy Pictures from their last litter.  

Bo and Stormy Videos:

Learn More About Bo

Bo is a blocky square, but very athletic 75 lb. yellow male of 3 years of age. In 2010, Bo picked up both his Certified Pointing Retriever Title (CPR) as well as his AKC Junior Hunter while working under the capable hands of John and Mike at K&L Kennels in Higginsville, MO. In 2011 Bo has picked up his Master Pointing Retriever title in the spring, his AKC Senior Hunter title in the summer, and his GMPR title in early fall. Bo will finish out the year running in a couple more APLA master events and then we will go hunting in South Dakota!

Bo features one of the best genetic combinations that Huntners Point Kennel has ever produced. His Sire is MPR Brocks Golden Nugget and his Dam is CPR HPK’s Foxxy Lady. Nugget and Lady also have produced 4XGMPR HR HPK’s Hawk of Bear Point MH. We feel that Bo, with a little more time will follow in his older brothers paw prints.

In the field, Bo is all business as he quarters nicely and ranges as close or as far as needed based on the cover. He takes very little pressure to control, but is capable of handling pressure when needed. Bo is a hunting guides dream, because even when you lose him in the tall deep cover, you know he is only a short distance away — hunting hard or on point. Bo has an extremely soft mouth and often will bring back birds in “wall quality” shape. His marking ability is excellent and he is a patient dog, making him a wonderful dog in the duck blind, and upland field alike.

Should you need a Reference about Bo and his style in the field, please contact Mike Lettau at K&L kennels.

Mike’s Cell Phone Number: 816-616-5942

Learn More About Stormy

Stormy is a super talented dog that has as hard of a point that you could ever ask for.  She has more drive in her 60 pound body than most dogs twice her size.  Stormy is quickly becoming a dog that people request to hunt over while at R&R in South Dakota.  Her endless energy and desire to find every bird in the county make her one of the brightest up and comers at the kennel.  She has a rock solid point that will even make the most diehard “pointer” person smile.  Stormy is a prime example of why you should not rule out a smaller dog to hunt ducks and geese with as we are yet to shoot something she can’t bring back.