Titles: Certified, Intermediate, and Master Pointing Retriever (APLA) — American Pointing Lab Association Hall of Fame Dog — voted in in 2014

Hips: OFA Good Eyes: CERF Clear

Color: Black Size: 90 lbs Welped: 1996-2007

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Cashzingers Cattail Corky is the son of the popular English import stud dog “Brock” – or Wyvernaxe Audley (his English name) – and Chilbrook Saxon Teal. Corky in his prime was 90 lbs of solid muscle with show quality good looks and demeanor that was pleasing to everyone he met. Corky sired many liters for Hunters Point Kennel over the 11 years of his life and the result was many satisfied puppy/dog owners all over the world.

Corky was at home in field, and at times seemed to simply guide through the upland bird field. In other instances, or when the occasion called for it, Cork was not afraid to lower his head and charge through a tangle of bushes like a buck whitetail going after a scrape. It was not uncommon for Corky to be found covered in mud from head to toe, sitting at full attention with his eyes to the sky watching for the next flock of ducks to come by. Cork was just at home hunting waterfowl as he was chasing wily rooster pheasants.

Corky’s bird drive never quit, and yet he possessed that unique ability to transition very well between the field and the home. When he was off duty found it very easy to relax and was always after your affection. Corky had the conformation of a show dog, with a large “ Labrador” head, well muscled athletic body, and the classic thick otter tail. He was the epitome of what we feel a Hunting Labrador retriever should look and act like.

Corky and his half brother Nugget are the two studs that Hunters Point Kennel built its foundation on. As you are surfing through the site you will see that many of our females and younger studs have Corky somewhere in their pedigree. We feel that the qualities of this dog were great, and it is our goal to build on what Corky did for us.

Cashzingers Cattail Corky 1996-2007