Hunter’s Point kennel dogs are fed Eukanuba Premium Performance Formula. This equates to having dogs fed a 30-20 protein to fat ratio. When breeding dogs it is very important to feed a high quality food capable of maintaining the dogs health during pregnancy and delivery. Once on the ground, puppies are fed the Eukanuba “large breed puppy” diet. We reccomend keeping puppies on this feed for the first year of life.

This was the result of a nutritional inquiry to Purdue University and Ohio State University Schools of Veterinary Medicine. The expense of feeding this top quality food is more than offset by its results.

Each of our breading dogs receives Interceptor once a month wormer and Vectra 3D to control fleas and ticks. When out of heart worm season, HPK’s dogs will often receive Panacure wormer instead of Interceptor. This usually occurs during the months of December – March.

Our dogs have their hips OFA certified and must score a good or excellent to be bred. When required our dogs receive rabies & parvo vaccinations and have their eyes examined by a canine ophthalmologist with the result submitted to CERF for registration.

Puppies receive Interceptor wormer at 3 weeks of age and their first Ft.Dodge Puppy Shot (Duramune DA2PP + CVK) at 5 weeks. Ft.Dodge Puppy Shot is repeated every two weeks until they go home or reach 12 weeks of age.

Over the years we have been questioned as to why we often give the first vaccinations at 5 weeks instead of the vet recommended 7 weeks. Vets often recommend the 7 week mark as the recommended age for vaccinations due to the fact that the puppies still carry a significant amount of anti-bodies in their system while nursing. However, it is our view that pups should be vaccinated at the beginning of the weaning process. Parvo-virus is very common in our immediate area and we are simply taking an extra precaution against this deadly disease.

Dew claws are removed by the pinch method, limiting scaring. This will be done prior to you taking the puppy home.