Titles: Certified Pointing Retriever (APLA)
Hips: OFA Excellent
Eyes: CERF
Color: Yellow 
Size: 70 lbs 
Welped: 9/30/2012


Cash — or HPK’s Money Talks —  Is a very pleasing dark yellow female Pointing Labrador Retriever. This particular dog has offered us many hours of pleasure watching her glide effortlessly through a bird field.  Her father, was a dog that I had a personal connection with — McGill’s Timber, and he like his daughter was a CPR dog.  Timber came from Helm’s Point Dr. and Cashzingers Cattail Corky lines.  Cash’s mother was CPR HPK’s Copper of R&R — Herself a Nugget female.

Cash’s shape I think is what I like most about her.  She is a 75lb female with a head that looks like it should belong to a male.  She can lift ducks and geese out of the water with ease — and can easily run through a bird field all day long.  Like all approved Hunters Point Kennel breeding dogs, she posses  that unique off switch that allows her transition to a fireside hearth when the hunt is over — without tearing down the curtains and chewing up the furniture.


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