Pointing Lab Training: The Jump Start Program

HPK’s Head Trainer — Nate Hamblin

Pointing Lab Training for Puppies at HPK

There is no more important time in a puppies life than during its first year.  Dogs learn everything from their name, basic obedience, important socialization skills, and in a bird dogs case — hunting skills much more quickly than during any other time in their lives.  Despite this fact, many of our clients find themselves in situations where they want a once-in-a-lifetime hunting dog — and simply have no time to work with a new pup.  Lets face it — in today’s fast paced life kids, work, kids, spouses, kids, relatives, kids, home improvement, and any number of other activities prevent people from spending time at training a bird dog.  That’s where we come in with world class pointing lab training. 

It is for this reason that Hunters Point Kennel offers pointing lab puppy training exclusively to clients that have purchased our dogs.  Throughout the year, we take in several puppies sold to our clients and get them ready for the field or more advanced training with a specialist.  Our pointing lab puppy training or “Jump Start” program, as we like to call it,  is run by Nate Hamblin, HPK’s head trainer.





Basic Puppy Starter (typically this runs from 8 weeks old to 16 weeks old):

The goal for this program will be to have a puppy that is confident in all surroundings.  What do we mean by this?  A dog that is at home in backyard, or around a farm.  A dog that is perfectly comfortable with the field, and is excited about birds.  At 16 weeks of age your puppy will be well on its way to becoming a hunting dog!

Things your dog and Nate will be working on: 

  • Socialization (including daily walks in the field)
  • Daily Exercise (Including problem solving activities)
  • Water Introduction (Weather permitting because lets face it ,this is Iowa and it gets very cold in the winter) 🙂
  • Crate Training
  • Bird Introduction (4 birds included & additional available)
  • Dog Food is included. 

Please note:  One of the things that makes our training program so powerful is the one on one time that your dog will spend with our trainers.  It is due to this that our training programs are completely customize-able.   We build the dog for you.  




Advanced Puppy Program (Typically this runs from 17 weeks to 24 weeks old):

Goals for this program will be to have a dog that is confident in most situations, driven to hunt, and wants to cooperate with their handler.  The dog will be used to gunfire, should be bird crazy, and well on its way to becoming a bird dog.  Upon completion of this program they will be ready to go into a formal force fetch program.

Things your dog and Nate will be working on: 

  • Cranking up the bird drive!
  • Obedience work
  • Basic retriever marks (Land and Water)
  • Gun fire training
  • Basic upland field bird work
  • Beginning pointing work (Whoa & Steadiness)

Something to Consider:  We have the ability to take the dog all the way though force fetch.  If this is something you are interested it — let us know.  We strive to build the pointing lab training program to your unique needs and those of your dog. 

The Jump Start Program and Pointing Lab Puppy Potty Training are not the same thing:

For those clients that are looking to have us Potty Train their puppy it needs to be noted that the Jump Start Program is much different than Hunters Point Kennel’s Potty Training Services.

What is the difference?  Simple. The difference lies in the setting.  Those dogs that are in the Jump Start program will be housed in our kennel (unless otherwise arranged).  Those clients who purchase the Potty Training Services will have their puppies housed in or training staff’s homes.