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4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Elsa — Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies — SOLD OUT

Litter Whelp Date: 6 / 25 / 2018
Estimated Selection & Pick-up Date:  Saturday, August 18th, 2018. 
Date after which pups are able to be shipped: 8 / 20 / 2018

Currently Sold Out -- however cancellations can happen.  Check back for more information!



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This litter is going to produce some larger pointing labs.  Males I assume will be 80 lbs. plus.  Females will be in the 70 lbs. range.  Overall square blocky animals with lots of point and insatiable bird drive.  

Elsa is the product of Bo and Lightning. For those of you who follow the kennel genetic lines, this breeding is identical to the one that gave us HPK’s Iowa Nice (Iowa).  Last year, when we paired Bear and Iowa we got big strong larger bodied dogs.  They were exceedingly happy-go-lucky animals that respond well to training and are eager to please.  Due to their larger builds though they did tend to be slower to mature.  

Since Elsa and Iowa are sisters I think we can expect the same thing.  Black and Yellow pups are to be expected, and the yellow color should be right in the middle.  Not Red, not White.  Traditional all the way.  

Take a look at this litter if your a big duck hunter — as they will have the size to accomplish this task while cruising around the upland field with ease and grace. 


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