4XGMPR Bear SH -X- CPR Rita — Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies


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Majority Chocolate pups in this litter with an occasional yellow thrown in for good measure.  It seems like every kennel on the planet must have one dog in their pack named “Bear.”  This one is ours because well….he is very bear like 🙂  Big, full of muscle, and did I mention big?  Nice head, thick neck — and a coat like iron.   This dog can handle some inclement weather.  The puppies he has produced so far have shown us a very calm side as well.  Trainable, and aiming to please — just like their sire and grand sire (Griz)

Rita comes from Griz and Tig’s Irish Cream Bailey — a breeding that was known for producing hunting machines.   This is the second iteration of this litter and so far the feedback has been excellent.  “Tons of Drive, but very controlled”  That is what we like to hear.  

This breeding will work well as a duck dog, pheasant dog, and full time family friend.  

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