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4XGMPR Bear SH -X- Izzy Bits — Chocolate Pointing Labs

Litter Whelp Date: 1 / 4 / 2018
Selection & Pick-up Date:  Saturday, Feb 24th 2018
Date after which pups are able to be shipped: Thursday, March 1st 2018

Available Puppies as of 3 / 29 / 2018:

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All chocolate litter here.  Bigger, Square Chocolate dogs.  Hard working.  Tons of Drive.  For those of you who don’t follow pedigree’s, Bear is the son of 4XGMPR Griz SH.  That pedigree alone is awesome –but combine that pedigree with Izzy and you have a truly fine animal.  I sincerely believe that these dogs will be in the 70 and 80 pound range with handsome skulls.  I anticipate they will be the definition of hunting versatility.

Goose Hunting?  Check!
Pheasant Hunting?  Check! Check!
Chasing Mallards in a swamp?  Check!
Laying by the fire or chasing the kids around the yard?  Its a lab….hell yea!

That being said — expect a dog with that will respond to your voice.  I don’t anticipate that they will take much pressure to control.  This breeding should have an very distinct off switch — when in the field we hunt, when in the home we relax.  Keep in mind you will have a couple years of puppy — but hey their labs.  That normal.   

Increasingly we are getting inquiry’s from clients that want a dog — but don’t necessarily hunt.  If you have an active lifestyle this pairing will still work for you.  The dogs will need plenty of room to run and a outlet for their drive.  Aside from that — you should be good to go!

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