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4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Iowa — Larger Yellow/Red Pointing Lab Puppies — SOLD OUT

Litter Whelp Date: 3 / 10 / 2018
Selection & Pick-up Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2018 
Date after which pups are able to be shipped:  Monday May 7th, 2018

Available Puppies as of 4 / 9 / 2018:

  • Yellow Males (1)
  • Yellow Females (0) -- All are reserved


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Larger Red pointing labs for sale here. dogs here.  I will post pictures of the litter soon, but all of the puppies are leaning toward the red color.  Also, If Iowa’s litter from last year is any indication there is going to be some size to these dogs.  Larger frames, thick bones — I would say the males will push 80 pounds plus.  Most of this fact is due to the fact that the female in this litter tends to be more the size of yesterday’s labs — a larger square dog who tends to produce that same thing in her pups.  

Iowa tends toward the red phase of yellow, as does Capone and their pups will do the same thing. The females in the litter were sold long before they were born, but we still have male yellow pointing labs for sale.  

Customers of this litter should expect a red pointing lab that has the ability to go all day long in the upland field, but has a very nice off switch in the house.  Potential buyers should easily be able to hunt larger water with this litter.  The dogs should have the strength, drive, and marking ability to do this with ease.  (It goes without saying that you can hunt smaller water too — I just don’t know if I would call them a one-handed boat dog.)


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