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4XGMPR Capone SH -X- CPR Sturgis — Yellow and Black Pointing Lab Puppies

Litter ESTIMATED Whelp Date: 2 / 17 / 2018 - 2 / 23 / 2018
Litter ESTIMATED go home date:  Mid-April 2018

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Yellow and Black puppies in this litter.  I must say that this is one of our favorite crosses in the kennel.  For those of you looking for a hunting machine — check out this cross.  Sturgis is a good looking female with a head that is shaped very much like her father Bo.  She has drive — and quite a bit of it.  For those of you that remember hunting over her mother stormy — she is very similar — although more controllable.  Sturgis does live in the house with a family here locally & she does have an off switch — but it is not as distinct as some of the dogs we have.  The old adage — you can take it out of a dog — but you cant put it in ’em applies here.  In the field, she is a joy to watch.  Her mother simply used to put a smile on your face when hunting and her daughter is no different.  

Capone will bring control and width to this breeding.  His personality mellows out the pups quite a bit.  

Hunt Tests?  — Yea.  You have enough drive here to run APLA, AKC — and it wouldn’t surprise me if you could run in the field trial world. 

Hunting?  — No dobut.  Easily these dogs could work as guide dogs in the field or in the marsh. 

ONLY a pet — (like you live in the city and don’t plan on getting the pup plenty of exercise?)  Might want to look at a different pairing. 

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