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Griz and Dove — The first thing that really jumps out to me about this breeding the unique combination of pedigrees. 

Griz is….well…Griz.  Honestly, if you have been following Chocolate pointing labs at all for the last several years, that is about enough said.  Griz can trace his roots back to Lean Mac, Bronco Bill, and Cajun of Black Forrest.   He is one of those special dogs that has a huge motor in the field, but is very controllable in the house and wants nothing more than to be a team player. Griz has an unbelievable demeanor for a dog with his power. He is truly a gentleman that is extremely intelligent & confident, but doesn’t have a dominate bone in his body.

Dove is an unique combination of BearPoint’s Blood, Hunters Point’s Blood, and Tiger Mnt’s Blood — it is worth some time studying her pedigree.  She is not a large dog, coming in at just under 60 lbs.  What she lacks in size though, she makes up for in style.  The dog is flat out a pointing machine and covers the field with grace and efficiency.  She is a lover, and overall a pretty soft dog like any dog of that ilk, It does not take much pressure to get her to do as the handler asks. 

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