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4XGMPR Griz SH -X- CPR Eva — Black and Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies

Litter Estimated Whelp Date: 9 / 19 / 2018
Estimated Selection & Pick-up Date:  Around 11 / 19 / 2018 -- to be determined after puppies are born. 
Date after which pups are able to be shipped: After 8 Weeks of Age.  

Currently Accepting Deposits as of 8 / 26 / 2018 for:

  • Choc Males
  • Choc Females
  • Black Males
  • Black Females


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A fall Black pointing lab and Chocolate pointing lab litter is now on the books here at the kennel.  Griz is chocolate lab — and does not carry yellow.  Eva is a black lab who carries chocolate. Combine the two and it should be a 50/50 black and chocolate pairing.  Square, great looking dogs are to be expected since Griz is the father.  Hard working.  Tons of Drive.  For those of you who don’t follow pedigree’s, Griz was at one time the youngest 4XGMPR ever.  His pedigree alone is awesome –but combine that pedigree with Eva’s and you have a dog that will fit any number of uses.  

Goose Hunting?  Check!
Pheasant Hunting?  Check! Check!
Chasing Mallards in a swamp?  Check! Check! Check!
Laying by the fire or chasing the kids around the yard?  It’s a lab….hell yea!

From a temperament perspective, these dogs should be easily directed with a voice.  Griz and Eva are both dogs that respond to the handler eagerly.  It is this fact that leads me to believe the pups should easily be directed with a voice.  I anticipate the pups will be able to handle some collar — just not an excessive amount.  When the dogs are off duty, I expect them to lounge around the house doing their best impersonation of the living room rug.  I will, however, qualify this statement by saying “as long as they have enough exercise” they will lay around like the living room rug.  Keep in mind that any new lab puppy is going to need to blow off some steam. 

For those of you who travel for Thanksgiving — this may make a good litter.  These puppies will be very close to being ready to travel during that time. Come hunting in Iowa, and take home a new hunting buddy.  It happens to some lucky folks every year!

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