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GMPR Bo SH -X- CPR Sugar Smack — Yellow/Off-White Pointing Lab Puppies — SOLD OUT

Litter Whelp Date: 3 / 11 / 2018
Selection & Pick-up Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2018 
Date after which pups are able to be shipped:  Monday May 7th, 2018

Available Puppies as of 4 / 9 / 2018:

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This litter is one that simply makes me smile.  GMPR Bo SH is one of the cornerstones of HPK genetics.  He is simply a beautiful yellow lab that hunts like a well oiled machine.  He truly lives to hunt and the older he gets the better he becomes.  This fall he spent the entire season working at one of South Dakota’s Premier hunting destinations — not bad for a 10 year old dog.  The other half of the pedigree — sugar smack — is a sweet little dog from Vaider (and Raider in turn) lines.  The little dog is bird crazy though and is a joy to watch work.  She literally is one of the few dogs that I remember “smiling” as she runs through the field. 

So — what to expect?  Males 65-80 lbs. Females 55-70 lbs.  Very light in color — almost white.  Square heads, blocky builds coming from Bo’s side.  Already the pups are showing us some square builds and this will only get better as they age.  

By the way — if your interested in this litter move FAST — 2 yellow females in the spring time will not stick around long.   🙂

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