Interested in a Puppy?

GREAT!! if you have made it this far you are well on your way to puppy selection. The following is a list of things you will want to keep in mind when selecting your new hunting partner.

  1.  A $250.00 Deposit is required to hold your puppy selection. After you fill out our puppy request form, you will be redirected to our puppy reservation page where you’ll make your deposit.
  2. Puppies are selected in the order that deposits are received
  3. HPK will pick a date close to when the puppies are ready to go home and schedule times for pick-up. Please Note: if you are not able to make your pick up time HPK will make the selection for you. This way we do not hold up others waiting in line.

Deposit Policy Continued

  1. The customer works with HPK to determine a litter/color/sex of the puppy they wish to purchase
  2. We take no more than (8) deposits on any litter
  3. If the litter whelps and your color/sex selection is born — we expect the sale to be completed
  4. If for some reason you cannot take the puppy you have reserved, your deposit is forefit. (we will however move your deposit to another litter)
  5. If the litter does not contain the color and sex you have selected you have three options: (1) select an availible puppy, (2) Have your deposit refunded, (3) Wait for another litter and try again for the color/sex that you are after.

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